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Under eye treatment

I like how it absorbs into the skin instantly with no greasy feeling whatsoever. It makes my skin silky smooth, and my fine lines around my eyes are less noticeable. I see myself using this product in the future as well.

Glad I tried it

I have been thinking about trying glutathione so I'm glad I finally did it. It did increase the brightness of my skin but I realized I don't care too much about it once I actually got it. Not looking to purchase another bottle for that reason but if I did value brighter skin more I would

Good quality

I take this for my lower back pains. I have taken it for three weeks and it seems to be making a difference. I asked my chiropractor about turmeric and she said it would be great for me to use. Luckily for me I'm already on it.

Good so far

Been taking this daily and I feel like my skin is softer to the touch now and not as dull as it might have been perceived before

don't give up

The first week I used this product, I got some breakouts. I knew this could happen when you switch skincare products, so I decided to stick with it and not give up immediately. My face has always been prone to blackheads, so I figured this was adding fuel to the fire as well. After the first week, things started looking better, and by week three my skin was better than before I started using it. Going to continue using it

Results take time

Results take a bit of time with this product, but as long as you stick with it they will come. You don't need a lot to cover your whole face so the bottle lasts for quite a while

Smaller pores

I have quite sensitive skin and on top of this I struggle with adult acne which can be a dreadful combination at times. I have started using Pureclinica's vitamin c serum and my pores are smaller and my acne is not as aggressive. It doesn't get as red and bulgy and goes away quicker. For these reasons I can recommend this product

Better skin tone

I like this product because my skin tone has been improving over the months I have used it. I tend to forget to take it, but it's still been working for me

Less swelling and aching

Turmeric has reduced my swelling and aching. I have rheumatoid arthritis and despite this horrible condition turmeric manages to provide some relief from it. I also use omega 3 for it's anti inflammatory effects


I have polyneuropathy and take turmeric for it as advised for people with my condition and find it helpful

Works for me

When I first started using this product, I was taking one first thing in the morning when I woke up. Then I started taking 2 to speed up the effects, and in 5 days I dropped 3 lbs. I have been taking 2 every day since then, and it is helping with cravings and appetite

It's good

I like this lightweight serum and the formula since it contains lots of good ingredients for the skin. It has made my skin softer and more plump

Back to running now

Can't say enough good things about this product. I am a runner and I had to stop because my knees started acting up, swelling and pain mostly. Started taking turmeric on my PTs recommendation and now six weeks later, I am back to running!! No problem at all it's like the swelling and pain is gone

Does what it says

I have an underactive thyroid and have been experiencing thinning hair because of it. I have used it for 12 weeks and I'm hooked. For the first time I feel hopeful about my hair.

Delays aging

I'm hitting 30 soon and collagen is helping me keep my mini life crisis at bay lol. My skin is more elastic than before from using this product. Aging is inevitable, I know that, but

Hoping for more

I have used the product for a month to alleviate muscle aches. So far there's only a slight difference, hoping for more as time passes.

Amazing product!

This is the second bottle that I finish and my boyfriend has seen the improvements too. My pores are smaller and my skin is clearer. I will keep purchasing this product for as long as they make it.

Supplementation is the way to go

I have tried shampoos and serums in the past, but they never did much for me. I started taking different supplements instead and tricolopure is one that I have found to be effective. It's also easier to just take a pill in the morning, than having to apply a serum.

Good price

Well priced omega 3 considering the high epa/dha concentration. I have some physical issues I am hoping this can help me with but more so I take it for general health.

Yes I can recommend it

Yes I can recommend this product. I get the same result from this as my more expensive serum. It keeps my dry skin and flakes .away. On top of this Pureclinica has very quick and professional service

not bad

In the beginning I didn't notice much changes in my skin at all. But I stuck with it and trusted the process and now a month in I see a big difference in the skin around my eyes. The biggest difference is the puffiness of the skin which has gotten much better. I don't have a lot of wrinkles or crows feet so can't comment on that but for puffy eyes its an effective product

Hair restoring treatment

My hair has been in a downwards spiral for as long as I can remember. I started taking tricolopure, and the spiral has stopped. I colored my hair a while back, darker to hide the thinning spots more, and I can see the roots coming up.

Works well for me

Although supplements like this doesn't work as well as painkillers the benefit of these natural compounds is that they're not harmful for your body. Now that I have used this supplement for three weeks I can say that my pain has diminished. I am looking forward to more pain relief as I use it for longer and longer.

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